How much study time do I need to commit to the OET course?

If you are placed in the fast track group, we estimate  that the Destination OET course should take approximately 6 months to complete.

If you are placed in the steady track group, we project that the Intermediate Course and  Destination OET course combined, should take approximately 12 months to complete.

Breakdown of Modules in Destination OET:

Module 1 – Workplace Environment: 45 activities,approx.  22 hours

Module 2 – Scenarios: 40 activities , approx. 20 hours

Module 3 – Test Preparation: 47 activities, approx. 24 hours

Module 4 – OET Mock Exam: 4 subtests, 3.5 hours  (To be taken in exam conditions)

Module 5 – Interview, 8 activities, approx. 4 hours

Recommended Hours Per Week: 3
Total Duration (weeks): 25