Is tutor time included in the OET Course?

Tutor time is included in the OET course at four key checkpoints. Two of the tutor checkpoints are online marking sessions and two are online sessions where you can discuss your progress in a one to one meeting with your OET tutor.

See below for the tutor checkpoints at each session:

Tutor Session 1:

English Skills Test (Tutor will mark your test)

After you have completed the English Skills Test a professionally qualified English tutor will mark your test paper and give online feedback on all four English language skills.

Tutor Session 2:

Pre-mock Strategy Session (Live 45 minute session)

When you have completed the first three modules we will arrange a live session with our professionally qualified OET tutor. During this session the tutor will discuss your progress so far and discuss your readiness to take the mock exam. Your tutor will unlock the OET Mock.

Tutor Session 3:

Mock OET (OET tutor will mark your mock)

After sitting the OET Mock a professionally qualified OET tutor will mark your paper.

Tutor Session 4:

Post-mock Review Session (Live 45 minute session)

Your final one-to-one session with your OET tutor will be a consultation to discuss your OET subtest scores and your readiness to take the OET exam.

Please note: if you are on the Steady Track pathway you will have additional tutor time as you will sit the English Skills Test again after completing the Intermediate course which the tutor will mark for you.