Studying for OET Success

Mar 2023 Studying for OET Success

Getting ready for your OET journey

At Klik2learn, we encourage you to be realistic about the time and effort it will take to prepare for the exam. We recommend between three and six months of dedicated study on Destination OET, once you have reached a confirmed B2 level.

If you don’t have a B2 level yet, don’t worry. An award-winning course, Journey to English, is provided as part of your Destination OET package. If you are a B2-level, you can complement your OET studies by looking again at the basics of English in Journey to English. It will also help to prepare you for life in the UK as you travel around the country, learning about the regions.

Destination OET

If you are comfortably working at a B2 level in English, well done! You are ready to focus on OET preparation. There are many different providers and courses available, but our course is the most modern and innovative on the market. 

As soon as you have paid for the course, you will start by taking the Destination OET mini-test that we designed with official OET exam preparation materials. You will receive your results immediately, with advice regarding next steps. 

Approved Preparation Provider 

Klik2Learn is an approved provider of OET training. The activities in Destination OET are based entirely on official OET preparation materials.

 You need to study intelligently. Our immersive platform contains focussed, interactive activities designed to guide you through your exam preparation. The activities are varied and based on real life. You can access them from any device, to help fit your studies in even when you are busy. 

Experts in English for the workplace 

Destination OET has been designed by experts in vocational education. We understand what you need for the exam, and what you need to function well in the workplace beyond the exam. It is a highly interactive and flexible self-study experience, accessible from any device. 

Our course is designed to be completed in three to six months. We think is the optimum amount of time to master the skills you need.

We will give you the knowledge and confidence to pass the test first time, whilst preparing you for your experiences as an English-speaking healthcare professional. Destination OET prepares you for the exam by preparing you for the workplace.

Experiential Learning in Four Modules 

Module One – The Workplace Environment. 

You will:

  • meet colleagues and introduce yourself confidently
  • recognise differences between formal and informal language 
  • get to know the names of hospital departments and medical disciplines
  • understand how to explain technical information to patients in everyday language
  • gain practical, communicative skills for the healthcare environment. 

Module Two – Scenarios 

In 40 carefully designed activities, you can: 

  • select key information from patient notes
  • hear consultants speaking to patients about their conditions
  • learn about hospital guidelines and procedures
  • prepare a patient for an operation
  • take notes from a lecture which you attend for your continued professional development. 

The informative, experiential activities have been transformed from official OET test preparation material by our expert team, meaning you can learn as if you were already working in a hospital. 

Module Three – Test preparation

When you have learned the basics of English for healthcare, Destination OET provides interactive and informative activities to ensure you understand the format and requirements of the OET test. 

You will: 

  • Understand the expectations of the examiners when they mark your test
  • Learn how to adapt your tone of voice when speaking to patients and carers
  • Think about what questions to ask to get the information you need
  • Focus on grammar and punctuation when writing
  • Look for differences between fact and opinion in a text

Module Four – Mock test

When you have completed Modules One, Two and Three, a full mock test will be unlocked in Module Four, created with the help of the official OET team at Cambridge. The test is timed, and designed to be as much as possible like the actual test. It will provide an indication of your expected performance in the test. 

When the Mock Test is unlocked, you will be invited to book a live speaking test with one of Klik2Learn’s expert OET tutors. If you prefer, you can record your spoken answer and have it graded by a tutor instead.

You will receive personalised feedback from an OET certified tutor on your performance in all sections of the mock exam.

Improve your skills through video stories and games based on real-life situations.

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