What is the quickest way to pass the OET exam?

Mar 2023 What is the quickest way to pass the OET exam?

A ‘silver bullet’ is a simple solution to a complicated problem. Are there any silver bullets for passing the OET?

You have made an exciting and life-changing decision: to advance your nursing career in a new country. You might be considering the UK, Australia, Dubai, or the US, and passing the OET is a major step in your journey.

Like all of our ambitious OET students, you will be impatient to sit the test and get the grades you need to start looking for a new job.

Some unofficial providers of OET preparation courses will say they can help you ace the course with very little preparation. It’s tempting to believe their promises, but sadly there are no silver bullets. 

The OET is a serious professional exam and you will need to have a good level of English plus many long hours of dedicated study to get the right grades. 

Destination OET

If you are comfortably working at a B2 level in English, well done! You are ready to focus on OET preparation. There are many different providers and courses available, but we believe our course is the most modern and innovative on the market. 

The activities on Destination OET are:

  • Focussed and interactive
  • Designed to guide you through your exam preparation
  • Varied, and based on real working situations in healthcare
  • Can be accessed from any device to fit in with your busy life

Our Vocational Expertise

Destination OET has been designed by experts in vocational education. We understand what you need for the exam and what you need to function well in the workplace beyond the exam. It is a highly interactive and flexible self-study experience, which can be accessed from any device.

Our course is designed to be completed in three to six months, which we think is the optimum amount of time to master the skills you need.

We will give you the knowledge and confidence to pass the test first time, whilst preparing you for your experiences as an English-speaking healthcare professional.

Approved Preparation Provider 

Klik2Learn is an approved provider of OET training. The activities in Destination OET are based entirely on official OET preparation materials.

As soon as you have paid for the Destination OET course, you will take a mini reading and listening test that we designed with official OET exam preparation materials. You will receive your results immediately, with advice regarding next steps.

Studying for success

At Klik2Learn, we encourage you to be realistic about the time and effort it will take to prepare for the exam. We recommend between three and six months of dedicated study, once you have reached a confirmed B2 level. 

Journey 2 English

This award-winning course is provided as part of your Destination OET package. Complement your OET studies by looking again at the basics of English through Journey to English. Completing this course will get you a prestigious City and Guilds certificate – another achievement to list on your CV! 

Destination OET

  • Boost your English skills
  • Succeed in your exam
  • Excel in your future career

Getting ready for the workplace

An OET pass shows that you will maintain very high standards of clear communication in the healthcare environment. The comfort and safety of your future patients and colleagues depends on it! 

Improve your skills through video stories and games based on real-life situations.

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