Webinar – Taking the weight of ESOL off your shoulders

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This is a past event.

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Date: Wednesday 25th August 21
Duration: 45 minutes
Format: Zoom
Recording: Watch Video of Webinar

The webinar looks at meeting ESOL challenges and how the Digital Learning Hub can support tutors with online courses, video resources and blended learning tools.


  1. Challenges and barriers to ESOL learning in the UK
  2. Provision of digital tools for ESOL tutors to ease enrollment and consolidate learning
  3. College case study using the pre-beginner learners online and in the classroom

About Klik2learn

As a technology company, Klik2learn’s focus is on creating digital English language courses for blended learning combined with teacher tools and reports to improve collaboration and learning outcomes for each student.


Our approach to building award winning, accredited courses online is to collaborate with best in class partners.