Online ESOL Offer for East Midlands Councils

This webinar is for ESOL professionals within East Midlands Councils.

Date: Wednesday 12th January 2022
Time: 16:00 GMT
Duration: 45 minutes
Format: Zoom

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You are invited to a webinar to learn about the online ESOL programme offered by Klik2learn. This webinar is for ESOL providers, teachers and volunteers working in college, community and bridging hotel settings. We welcome questions on the Klik2learn online/blended learning offer for Afghan settlers and Hong Kong (BNOs).

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About Klik2learn

As a technology company, Klik2learn’s focus is on creating digital English language courses for blended learning combined with teacher tools and reports to improve collaboration and learning outcomes for each student. We will be delighted if ESOL providers, teachers and volunteers would register and attend this webinar with the aim of providing feedback on the digital learning hub for ESOL offered by Klik2Learn. Klik2Learn is unique in assisting learners to master English from a starting point of ‘no English’, and irrespective of their starting language.


east midlands esol online offer

Our approach to building award winning, accredited courses online is to collaborate with best in class partners.