OET Webinar

Destination OET

We hosted this webinar for ESOL professionals aiming to support Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) with an online preparation course for the OET exam.

Watch a recording here:

About Klik2learn for IENs

Destination OET is a fun comprehensive course for the ‘English Language’ element of your goal to migrate and work overseas. Our digital technology provides instant feedback on your progress, accelerates learning and enables you to:

  • Study in your own time on an internet enabled device
  • Improve language skills tested in the OET with interactive activities set in a hospital
  • Build confidence when using formal and informal language with a variety of healthcare scenarios
  • Improve intelligibility with pronunciation activities using speech-recognition tools
  • Sit a Mock OET test and get feedback on exam readiness from a qualified tutor
  • Practice interview skills with a simulated NHS interview and get feedback from nursing tutors


Our approach to building award winning, accredited courses online is to collaborate with best in class partners.