A complete A0 and A1 English skills course.

Journey 2 Basic Skills is a ground-breaking new course for beginners that tackles the challenge of teaching learners who have no prior knowledge of English. The online course enables them to function at an elementary level-A1 on the CEFR framework. At the start, learners with some prior knowledge are automatically routed to the A1 level.

World Tour

Take your students on a journey round the English speaking world online. Give them an insight into the sights and sounds of other countries where English is spoken.


Students collect coins to buy the items they need for their suitcase. Once they take off, they can spend their money touring the highlights of each country.

Level A0/A1

Journey 2 Basic Skills uses authentic conversations to introduce the sounds and letters of English. Students learn individual phonemes and the formation of English letters through animations.

Adaptive Learning

Frequent games consolidate learning at every stage: scores are captured and students are given extra practice on the items they had difficulty with.

Global Accents

English is a global language. Students can listen to the audio in a British accent or an international accent. International accents include; Egyptian, Nigerian, Filipino, Australian and Indian.

Topic Based Learning

Topics covered include; personal information, using local currency, days/months of the year, health, shopping, food, transport and basic numeracy skills.

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