Case Study: Glasgow Life

Case Study: Glasgow Life

As the main dispersal area for asylum seekers in Scotland the Glasgow Life ESOL team are key to the successful integration of diverse groups into the community. Restrictions due to COVID-19 meant there were almost no face-to-face English classes in Glasgow in 2020/2021.

What was the challenge?

Two pandemic lockdowns had a drastic impact on the ability to carry out face-to-face teaching. With a very diverse group of adult learners speaking over 200 different community languages, an online digital solution was required.

What was the solution?

Glasgow Life tutors identified learners for self-study and enrolled them as student users on Klik2learn’s Digital Learning Hub. Learners had access to:

  • The intermediate course, Journey 2 English, aligned to CEFR levels B1-B2
  • Over 80 hours of engaging online learning content
  • Online Oxford dictionary
  • Grammar guide
  • Global Videos
  • Grammar games
  • Animations for Idioms

On completion of the course, learners are awarded a Certificate from City & Guilds at level B1 (aligned to SQA ESOL National 4) in English language proficiency.

We spoke to Mohammed Adam Ahmed Sbeel, an adult ESOL learner, to find out how Klik2learn’s Digital Learning Hub and in particular Journey 2 English has worked for him.

What they said about Klik2learn

Adult ESOl learner, Mohammed said,

“Thank you very much for this opportunity to learn English through the most convenient and easy website. Although it was a short journey and I wish if it had lasted longer, I would be a native speaker by now. Journey to English has all equipment you need for those whose English is not their mother tongue. It is like a collection of books in one website. It contains Grammar, Vocabulary, a lot of listening which I enjoyed more, and writing as well. It also has games and phrasal verbs. You will never feel bored compared to books. To me it was like watching a good series in Netflix but I learn English. This journey has developed my English language to an excellent level of English and it has developed confidence in myself in speaking, with all help I got from my Glasgow Life adult learning tutors Susan and Deirdre. I wish that the people who developed this web site, do the same and develop a similar website in advanced level.”

The Digital Learning Hub

A key benefit of the Digital Learning Hub for Glasgow Life is the ability to track and report progress. As learners progress through the digital course, tutors and moderators can see learner progress and time spent by activity and module, at a group and individual level. This is useful for tutors, as it allows them to intervene and provide additional support if required. It is also beneficial for learner motivation, as learners can quickly gauge progress from their personal dashboard.

The key benefits of the Digital Learning Hub for Glasgow Life are:

  • High quality learning
  • No one gets left behind
  • Qualification upon completion

Download the full case study

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