A new ESOL solution for Wales

How can Strategic Migration Partnership teams enable migrants based in rural locations to start learning English in a convenient way so that they can make the progress they need to find work?

The ESOL Coordinator at the Wales Strategic Migration Partnership was looking for a new way to help Hong Kong British National Overseas learners develop their English skills with the aim of getting them into work and giving them a sense of belonging. 

Since the Hong Kong British National Overseas learners lived in rural locations, it was challenging to find a solution whereby they could offer face-to-face class. The team started researching options for the group to learn online at a relatively low cost. One learner even joined the programme before they’d moved from Hong Kong to Wales, and kept learning both pre, during and post-move from one country to the other!

Developing a pilot at speed on a small budget


During our webinar they were delighted to learn that we could offer them a pilot scheme to help the 21 Hong Kong British National Overseas learners to develop their English skills using our interactive online courses  Journey 2 Basic Skills and Journey 2 English

Our courses are tailored for migrants and geared to develop their English skills, knowledge about the UK and skills to boost their employablity.

There’s also a diagnostic English Skills test that each learner takes at the beginning to ensure they start at the right point for their level. It all helps to personalise their learning experience.

Through subsequent conversations, we developed a pilot scheme to help the 21 Hong Kong British National Overseas to boost their English skills using our courses within budget.

Our Sales Director worked with the team to ensure that the pilot scheme was competitively priced. This resulted in the project getting up and running quickly so it could be used as a low-risk, low-cost case study to test its effectiveness. 


How does it work?


  • We’re helping migrants from Hong Kong whose English levels range from A0 to B1 to develop their English and boost their employability
  • Our team of tutors run live classes every week, keeping learners motivated and helping them feel connected when they’re living in rural locations 
  • Our project manager helps with onboarding students and coordinating with the core team 
  • Progress dashboards give tutors and resettlement officers the data they need to monitor effectiveness


What do learners say?


  • “The course with Klik2learn is good. It’s been useful in my daily life. I enjoyed the live class too as it has a different funny activity every week.” – Chloe, student. 
  • “I enjoyed the Journey 2 English course at K2L Hub  and I also enjoyed the live classes, particularly because they allow me to listen and speak.” Nicole, student. 
  • “My friend recommended this course to me. Time flies so fast that there is only one class left. I am very happy to have been able to participate in this course. Jonathan the Tutor is very good. I have learned a lot in this course and will continue to work hard!” Joyce, student. 

As an exciting next steps we are looking to trial additional training to boost their employability and connect them directly with employers. In addition, we plan to offer them access to a timetable of ‘Live Classes’ with an experienced ESOL tutor and a group of students at their level. More to follow on that in September!

In addition, we’re delighted to be supporting Wrexham Council with their 20 ESOL learners from Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine, and are looking forward to supporting Belfast Met with their 150 Ukrainian ESOL learners from July.


Get in touch if we can help you build a pilot in your area.