Glasgow Life—Migration to Vocation in Action

We’ve worked with the Glasgow life team over a number of years now and are delighted to be scaling up our partnership with them to tackle the longstanding issue of refugees and asylum seekers who are unable to access language provision and therefore – employment opportunities.

Traditional methods of delivery in college classrooms has always left large waiting lists – even before the recent influx of refugees from Ukraine, Afghanistan and Hong Kong. Coupled with shrinking local authority budgets, there was a pressing need finally to address this problem both at individual, regional and national level.

Klik2learn is running an innovative digital pilot for 100 learners across the city, with the support of a dedicated team from Glasgow Life. We blend award- winning, accredited self-study software with expert language and maths tutors in a mix of live, online small group teaching and 1:1 support using the tools on our platform: The Digital Learning Hub. Organisations and tutors can track and save everything that happens: reports can be generated weekly and learners can be encouraged to show evidence of their improving skills and achieve certification from City & Guilds. Watch this space for our new Leaderboards!

We’ve already proved we can fast- track learners and offer the flexibility they need to learn at their own pace and place of choice but our ultimate goal, is to turn independent users of English into economically active and independent citizens. It should be a win-win for us all!

If you’d like to read one of our UK Case Studies they are available here: Wales Strategic Migration Partnership | Belfast Met Project