Adult learner reading for fun

Unlocking Reading for Fun for all



ESOL Tutors know only too well that motivating adult ESOL learners to practise reading in English can be challenging. 


How do you encourage reluctant readers to start reading? After all, reading is the gateway to knowledge and is such an important skill to get ahead at work and school.

Perhaps you recommend books and articles pitched at their level?  Beyond that, what is the key to help learners who struggle to find the motivation to practise reading?


Connect with their interests

Basically, if learners aren’t interested in the topic it’s difficult for them to get started. If they feel daunted by the volume of the text or feel it’s too high or low a level, it’s difficult to engage. It’s completely understandable.

The key to success is to hook learners’ interest with topics they love, or motivate them to read to their loved ones.

With such challenges in mind, we have developed our Reading for Fun collection of stories and articles spanning many topics.

Nurturing a love of reading

Our aim is to nurture a love of reading English among learners of all ages.

We want learners to enhance their skills and feel more confident to read at home, at work and while integrating into a new life. Here’s how Reading for Fun will help you get learners reading in between classes. 

  • From Ugly Duckling to The British Sense of Humour, encourage learners to choose from 35 readers ranging from Easy (A1-A2), Medium (B1-B2) to Difficult (C1+) levels
  • Spark their interest by signposting them to stories, fables and articles on topics such as Music, History and Sport that suit their interests
  • Boost their confidence by guiding them to stories and articles pitched at their level 
  • Encourage learners to click on definitions for challenging words embedded into the text to improve their understanding
  • Eliminate overwhelm: one-page stories and articles broken up with images are designed to be manageable for readers of all levels 
  • Accessible to all with adjustable font size and dark-screen option.

From Goldilocks and the Three Bears to Sports in the UK, our ever-growing collection of stories and articles are free to anyone who has access to the Klik2learn Digital Learning Hub. 

Watch the video on how to find them. They’re a perfect compliment to our Journey 2 Basic Skills for beginners or our Journey 2 English course for intermediate learners.