CSR: Digitising Education

CSR: Digitising Education

Project: Ratanpur Middle School, Gandhinagar

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Klik2learn has teamed up with Go Dharmic to deliver a Digital English language and literacy learning programme to 50 children at Ratanpur Middle School, Gandhinagar, India.

Go Dharmic and Klik2learn partnership

Go Dharmic is an international charity organisation whose goal is to bring people together to create positive social change in their lives and their communities. The lockdown in India, brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic, prevented children from attending school for over one year. Go Dharmic were keen to find a solution for this and sought a digital education partner. With a compassionate vision to change people’s lives with high quality English language courses that puts teachers at the heart of the solution, Klik2learn was the perfect partner for Go Dharmic.

Klik2learn’s mission is to help close the global literacy gap and provide a pathway to vocational study and employment for all learners regardless of their background or resources. As a technology company, Klik2learn’s focus is on creating digital English language courses for self-study combined with teacher tools and reports to improve collaboration and learning outcomes for each student.

Rapantur Middle School

Rapantur Middle School in Gandhinagar was the perfect place to begin this Digital English language and literacy learning programme. The Principal of Rapantur Middle School is an inspiring leader who wants his teaching team and students to excel in life, study and work. As an advocate and champion for digital learning, he was delighted when approached with this idea and couldn’t wait to get the programme started.

Programme Summary


Go Dharmic and Klik2learn have partnered to facilitate and deliver a Digital English language and literacy learning programme for 50 children at Ratanpur Middle School, Gandhinagar.


50 children attending Ratanpur Middle School, Gandhinagar will be able to continue their education online, despite the closure of their school throughout the global pandemic.


Klik2learn is providing the school teachers and children with licences for the Digital Learning Hub at no cost.

The Hub provides collaboration tools and a full English language course, Journey 2 Basic Skills, so that students can learn English as well as basic literacy and numeracy skills using smartphones. Journey 2 Basic Skills, launched to meet the needs of beginners, won a British Council ELTon award for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in 2020.


Klik2learn has been guided by local partners, Go Dharmic on the best way to deliver and engage the children with the digital course. Regular call conferences with the local Go Dharmic team ensure that the project runs smoothly and provides a channel to share children’s progress as well as teacher and student feedback.

Klik2learn created a Monkey character to take the children on a tour of the course, so they can see how it works in a fun and interactive way. The children have been asked to name the monkey and have come up with a list of great names. The new name will be announced when all the children complete 50% of the course.


Local Support

Go Dharmic is working directly with the school principal and teachers in Gandhinagar to provide learning support and technical support. Go Dharmic’s lead, Deependra Bhadouria introduced the programme and monkey guide to the children on the 16th of June. The students and teachers were excited to learn of the project and get started. Sakshi, a member of Go Dharmic’s local operations team, will visit the school regularly to stay up to date with teacher and student progress.

Project Goals and Targets

The goal of this programme is to enable the children to continue their education online despite the closure of their school. This programme will enable the children to progress their English language skills from pre-beginner level (A0) to intermediate level (B1/B2) in an engaging and enjoyable way.

Tracking Progress

Klik2learn’s Digital Learning Hub provides reports to track student progress, including the following metrics;

  • Student engagement via enrollment date and last login
  • Student % progress (by activity, by module)
  • Time spent
  • English Skills Test level before and after the course

Download the Press Release

Download pilot information below.

Digitising Education Pilot India

Digitising Education Pilot India

Contact: info@klik2learn.com