CSR Project: Sakhi for Girls Education

CSR Project: Sakhi for Girls Education, Mumbai

Sakhi for Girls Education is a community-based after school programme based in the slums of Mumbai, India. Founded by Aarti Naik, their mission is to give every girl in the slums of Mumbai an opportunity to continue her education.

In 2020, Klik2learn was approached by Aarti. She expressed her interest in the Journey 2 Basic Skills course for the young girls in the slums of Mumbai as it would allow them to significantly improve their English language skills.

What was the challenge?

The girls did not have access to electronic equipment to allow them to take part in online ESOL learning and the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic meant that all teaching by Sakhi for Girls Education was put on hold and closed down.

Aarti Naik, Change-Maker for Sakhi for Girls Education said,

Digital English language learning programme

Klik2learn’s Digital Learning Hub provides various key benefits to Sakhi for Girls Education. The Digital Learning Hub is unique because it is universally accessible, no matter the learners first language. The Journey 2 Basic Skills course is designed for complete beginners and provides 220 to 280 hours of structured learning online and is the only digital course that meets the challenge of learners with no prior knowledge of English. Therefore, the girls from Sakhi for Girls Education can begin learning the English language with Journey 2 Basic Skills and their teachers can track their progress along the way. 

What obstacles did we face?

Access to electronic devices with internet access

Klik2learn stepped in to offer low-cost electronic tablets, all equipped with the Digital Learning Hub and the Journey 2 Basic Skills course, to allow these young girls the opportunity to receive quality education throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic.

However, there was a delay between receiving the funding and purchasing the devices. Aarti and her education lead, Deepak Panzade, now have the devices, have been trained on the digital self-study course, Journey 2 Basic Skills. Deepak and the CSR team at Klik2learn have set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based goals to assess the girls’ engagement, progress and learning outcomes.

Project summary


Sakhi for Girls Education, a charity organisation supporting education and literacy for girls and their families in Mumbai.


50 girls living in Mumbai slums with limited access to education and learning materials.


  • Devices – 50 internet enabled tablets
  • Digital English language learning course, Journey 2 Basic Skills which starts at pre-beginner A0 to A2 on the CEFR levels.

Local Support

Aarti, the changemaker will support the girls in her Sakhi for Girls Education community. Deepak, the local education lead will monitor the learners engagement and progress.

Project Goals

  1. Girls to progress English language skills from pre-beginner (A0) level to the basic user (A2) level on the CEFR framework within the four month programme.
  2. Girls to progress to the intermediate level course, Journey 2 English, and achieve their vocational certificate from the UK’s awarding body, City & Guilds.


  • Specific: Improve literacy, numeracy and English language skills of all girls within a four month timeframe.
  • Measurable: Track improvement using the English Skills Test (CEFR Levels) at the beginning and at the end of the programme.
  • Achievable: Ensure engagement and progress by monitoring activity for each girl using the in-built tracking and reporting.
  • Realistic: Target engagement is 1 hour per day.
  • Time-based: Four month project.

Ongoing support

Weekly report shared by the project team will highlight learners above and below average progress rate, so Aarti and Deepak can intervene with support and encouragement if necessary.

Learning Outcomes & Evidence

  • Number of students progressing from pre-beginner (A0) level to the basic user (A2) level on the CEFR framework.
  • Feedback from the girls, Aarti and Deepak on happiness with learning progress.
  • Learners course completion rate by target date.
  • Time spent (hours).
  • Activity completion (no).
  • Course progress (%).

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