Online English language training for employees

Online English language training for employees

Klik2learn’s online English language course helps employees learn English for the workplace. Remove confusion and reduce risk in your organisation by improving employee communication. Accessible from a computer, tablet or smart phone, the course gives your employees the flexibility they need to manage learning around work and family commitments.

If you are a Scottish business, funding for employee training may be available.

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English language for the workplace

Each course is accessed through the Digital Learning Hub, a unique resource for employees that don’t have English as their first language. The courses give your workers the language skills to communicate with colleagues and supervisors on essential tasks.

The digital courses available include:

  1. Beginner – Journey 2 Basic Skills
  2. Intermediate – Journey 2 English
  3. Advanced – OET Course – Journey 2 Employment in Healthcare (Coming Soon)

Why choose Klik2learn?

All Klik2learn’s courses focus on employability skills to support their chosen vocation. Learners don’t just learn to speak, write, listen and read English – they learn about working and living in an English speaking environment.


For employees, the online English courses offer hundreds of hours of engaging, interactive, multimedia learning and a pathway from pre-beginner to upper intermediate level. Learners can;

  • use a phone, tablet or computer to access the course
  • learn at their own pace instead of being tied to evening classes or days off work
  • build confidence in speaking English using the tools
  • improve communication skills making it easier to collaborate with colleagues
  • develop informal English to support integration into local communities.
  • achieve a certificate from City & Guilds to demonstrate their level of proficiency in English


For employers, the Digital Learning Hub provides a high quality learning environment and the ability to track progress. Employers can:

  • support employees with a flexible and  cost-effective English language training programme online
  • ensure that employees have a sound grasp of the common business language, often a key criteria for practical health & safety protocols
  • access comprehensive reporting and data for training managers to track return on investment.
  • fast track learners from diagnostic assessment to complete courses and certification.
  • attract and retain workers with an English skills development programme
  • give workers the flexibility to learn online at any location rather than mandating time tabled classes

Klik2learn offer the perfect online training programme to improve communication and boost employee confidence. Every course builds in contextual learning, so that employees learn about the world of work, as they learn English. The courses are suitable for self-study and engage learners with an interactive environment, where every screen includes an interactive activity.

Tutor supported training

Klik2learn has built tools into the Digital Learning Hub to enable collaboration between ESOL tutors and their learners. In addition, we have partnered with colleges to support the delivery of online ESOL learning to employers and learners in the community.


The intermediate level English course, Journey 2 English, includes a Certificate. When employees complete the final module they receive an official certificate from City & Guilds, London.  There are ten modules in Journey 2 English. Students must complete 85% of each module and pass the two final activities of each module to earn their certificate. Learners who complete the course receive a certificate and a digital credential from City & Guilds.

Flexible Workforce Development Fund

Klik2learn works with a number of colleges in Scotland and the UK to deliver English language training to employers. Upskilling the workforce is a key goal of the Scottish Government who launched the Flexible Workforce Development Fund (FWDF) in 2017. Now the fund is focused on helping employers to become more productive during the post-COVID economic recovery. Levy-paying employers can access up to £15,000 in funding, while non-levy paying SMEs can access up to £5000. Training under Year 4 of the FWDF can run until the 31st of March.

The deadline for Flexible Workforce Development (FWDF) applications is 31 July 2021

Next Steps?

Give your employees online English language training to improve productivity and communication so they can thrive in the workplace.

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