Introducing new recruits

CEO Ann Attridge was busy building the team over the summer.

Hanna, Valeriya Podolyak and Tanya, all from Ukraine, joined as English tutors to support colleges and councils navigate our courses and keep students motivated.  Judith Murphy and Fin Gray also joined the Marketing and Product Development teams.

Meet Klik2learn’s English Tutors

Hanna Tekliuk, Valeriya Podolyak and Tetiana Babkina came to the UK in April following the Russian invasion of Ukraine via the Homes for Ukrainians scheme. They are now teaching fellow Ukrainians English in online English classes once a week as part of Klik2learn contracts’ with Dundee Council and Staffordshire Councils. They support learners with Klik2learn online self-study courses to keep them motivated. They also offer them the opportunity to build confidence through practising speaking English. 

Hanna, Valeriya and Tetiana, Klik2learn tutors

“I’m happy to have the opportunity to share my experience with all Ukrainian refugees, and to teach them English”, Tatania, Klik2learn tutor.

“My learners like the interesting materials about different countries, and that they can control the pace of how they study.” Hanna, Klik2learn tutor.

Watch Valeriya talking about her experience of working for Klik2learn.

Meet new recruits in Marketing and Product Development

Judith Murphy who previously worked in Global Product Marketing for the British Council joined as Head of Marketing to drive growth of the Destination OET and General English courses.

Judith Murphy

Judith Murphy

“It’s great to be part of the team at Klik2learn to raise awareness of our online English courses and to connect the strong portfolio with learners of English. I’m especially excited about connecting health care professionals with the Destination OET course, helping them to prepare for their OET exam which will enable them to work for the NHS.

I’m impressed by the number of differentiating features that empower learners of English to build confidence in their communication skills at the pace they want to get ahead in life.”

Thea de Joode

Thea de Joode

Thea de Joode joined as a Project Manager in July. Since then she’s been working on the OET Pilot with East Midlands and the NHS, and more recently with the projects in Dundee and Staffordshire teaching English to Ukrainians.

Her background is originally in the Arts and Creative Industries – prior to going freelance in January 2020, Thea worked for nearly two decades at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where she was the Drama Junior Conservatoire Manager.

“A highlight for me of working with Klik2learn has been having the chance to see the real difference the products we offer can make to the lives of those desperate to learn English to a high standard, and thus further their careers.”

Fin Gray

Fin Gray

Fin Gray joined the Product Development team to digitise the curriculum and to give teachers easy access to a vast bank of ELT resources.

“Klik2learn’s content is made with care and thoughtfulness by passionate individuals leading to a learning resource that is enjoyable to learn with and provides a fundamental understanding of the English language. For me, these make it a deeply fulfilling endeavour.”

In more team news, CEO Ann Attridge was a finalist at the Association of Scottish Business Women Awards for Most Enterprising Business for her work at Klik2learn.