Journey 2 Basic Skills – Course Breakdown

Journey 2 Basic Skills – Course Breakdown

Our Journey 2 Basic Skills course assists learners in grasping all four literacy skills by taking them on a journey around the English speaking world. Journey 2 Basic Skills is a unique course in that it tackles the challenge of teaching non-native speakers with no prior knowledge of English with the aim of enhancing their English proficiency skills.

Journey 2 Basic Skills is suitable for learners at various different levels of English proficiency. It is structured to assist pre-beginner, elementary and pre-intermediate learners on their journey to learn English.

Course Breakdown


The A0 element of our Journey 2 Basic Skills course is unique in that it teaches pre-beginner, non-native speakers who have no prior knowledge of English. The A0 element of this course uses a lot of engaging visuals to introduce learners to the English language.

A0 assists students in learning the basics to prepare them for their journey around the English speaking world. The course focuses on the following topics:

  • Introducing yourself
  • English sounds
  • English letter formation
  • Numbers
  • Days of the week
  • Months of the year
  • Colours

Once learners are familiar with the basics, they can progress on to the next stage of the Journey 2 Basic Skills course which is A1.


The A1 element of our Journey 2 Basic Skills course is suitable for elementary level learners. Modules one to four start the learners off on their journey. They will travel through four English speaking countries: Australia, The Philippines, Hong Kong and India where they will complete various interactive activities to enhance their English language level even further. The table below provides an overview of the course index, highlighting what learners will cover in each module of A1:

A1 Course Index


The A2 element of the course is tailored to pre-intermediate level learners and has only very recently been introduced to our Journey 2 Basic Skills course. The addition of these four new modules sees learners continue their journey with Journey 2 Basic Skills, traveling to four new English speaking countries: South Africa, The United Kingdom, Canada and The United States of America. The addition of A2 allows learners to enhance their English proficiency skills even further by covering the following learning index:

A2 Course Index

How do I know if I am A0, A1 or A2 level?

Our Digital Learning Hub contains a variety of different assessments to determine a learners level of English proficiency.

Diagnostic Quiz – Situated at the beginning of the Journey 2 Basic Skills course the Diagnostic Quiz assesses learners English skills and automatically routes them to the modules most suited to them based on their results.

English Skills Tests – The English skills tests are used as stand alone tests and assess learners’ English proficiency level prior to selecting a course.

Learners interested in the Journey 2 Basic Skills course should sit the ‘Short Beginner Test’. This test will take around 30 minutes and will assess learners’ on their English Reading and Listening skills. The test is auto-marked and will provide learners with a result instantly of either A0, A1 or A2 level.

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