Journey 2 English Update November 2021

Journey 2 English Update

Date: 12th November 2021

We’re making changes to improve the tutor and student experience of Journey 2 English.

In a nutshell: Journey 2 English is moving into the Digital Learning Hub on Wednesday 17th of November.

J2E in the Hub

What’s changing for students?

  1. Journey 2 English will be accessed in the Hub ( This is similar to how Journey 2 Basic Skills is accessed. Previously, the system opened a new tab called
  2. The notebook and audio recorder for writing and speaking activities will be accessed via a pop up within Journey 2 English.
  3. Notebook and audio recorder files will be saved to the Digital Learning Hub.
  4. The ‘User Guide’ will move to the Knowledge Base.
  5. The English Skills Test will move to under the Assessments header in the dashboard.
  6. The Grammar Guide will be available within Journey 2 English and the Hub.
  7. The Inbox and Forum will be removed and interactions will move to Chat on the Hub.

What’s changing for tutors?

All of the above changes will apply to tutors. Additional changes for tutor and moderators include the following.

  1. The marking guide will move to the Hub and appear above each student’s completed test paper for easy access.
  2. The navigation links at the top of Journey 2 English will be removed and accessed via the Hub.
  3. The Style Guide will be removed.

A further update will include notifications for new Notebook and Audio Recorder activities in the Hub notifications panel and via email.

What’s not changing?

  • Journey 2 English content (modules and activities) overview plus assessment criteria will remain the same.
  • The Dictionary (Oxford English Dictionary) will still be accessed in the Journey 2 English menu.
  • The Achievements button will remain as a separate tab.
  • The Users button will remain for tutors to view all student progress on Journey 2 English.

Why are we making these changes?

To improve the user experience and reduce friction when accessing individual courses, tools and assessments. We want to:

  • Give students and tutors access to all content and courses in one place online.
  • Consolidate two separate sets of tools into one tool set.
  • Notify tutors when a student completes a Notebook Activity, Audio Recording or English Skills Test.

When will these changes happen?

You can expect these changes to be made Wednesday 17th of November.