New A2 modules added to Journey 2 Basic Skills

New A2 modules added to Journey 2 Basic Skills

Klik2learn are excited to announce the launch of four new A2 level modules which have been added to our English course for complete beginners Journey 2 Basic Skills!

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Journey 2 Basic Skills – Course Overview

The Journey 2 Basic Skills course is designed to help learners grasp all four literacy skills by taking them on a journey around the world to countries where people speak English.

The course tackles the challenge of teaching non-native speakers who have no prior knowledge of English and enables them to progress from a pre-beginner to a pre-intermediate level of English proficiency.

The course currently takes learners on a journey to Australia, the Philippines, Hong Kong and India where they complete various interactive activities to improve their English literacy skills.

New A2 Modules

We have added four new pre-intermediate level modules to our Journey 2 Basic Skills course and these modules take learners to four new English-speaking countries; South Africa, the UK, Canada and the USA.

Why have we added these modules?

The addition of the four new modules allows learners to progress even further through Journey to Basic Skills with the aim of increasing their English proficiency level from A0 (pre-beginner) to A2 (pre-intermediate).

Where can I see an overview of the new modules?

The new modules are included in the course index within Journey 2 Basic Skills. Below is an example of the learning index for Module 9, the United Kingdom. All customers can login to Journey to Basic Skills and click on the Index to see the topics covered in the pre-beginner module and all eight modules.

UK Learning Index

Click here to login and access the learning index in full.

When can I access the new modules?

The A2 level modules are live on the Journey 2 Basic Skills course on our Digital Learning Hub.

You can access them here.