Pioneering innovation in VocTech

The UK’s specialist investor in EdTech for adults Ufi has chosen Klik2learn as one of a select few recipients of VocTech Seed  (Vocational Technology) grant funding to develop 3D-simulated video mock interviews and training for nurses and doctors.

The innovation will drive product enhancements in the Destination OET course designed for health care professionals preparing for their OET exam.

“We have selected your project to participate as we think it demonstrates brilliantly how thinking through your users’ experience is at the core of what you do.” Hilary Stringer, Ufi VocTech Seed.

The projects are running in collaboration with the NHS and the SimVis department of Glasgow School of Art, run by Professor Steve Love and his team. 

Ufi champions the power of technology to improve skills for work and deliver better outcomes for all. It gives people and businesses the skills needed for work, now and in the future. As part of their VocTech week 14-18 November our CEO Ann Attridge was invited to join lively panel discussions on the theme of how learning technology can help create better experiences for learners.


OET hospital scene

3D simulated conversations in video format

Authentic, immersive learning experiences

Through the projects, Klik2learn and the team at Glasgow School of Art will develop 3D simulations in video format to support health care professionals in two areas. Both will give health care professionals authentic immersive learning experiences and prepare them for the work place. Ann Attridge, CEO, explains:

“We are developing a series of prototypes for 3D-simulated mock job interviews at entry level, mid career and senior management. We are grateful to the East Midlands NHS Trust who have helped us to enhance the experience by providing guidance on interview questions that health care professionals can expect at each level.  

Students will be asked to submit answers and through ‘best type audio generation’ software will receive feedback on their delivery.

Communicating with compassion

The second project involves preparing health care professionals for the difficult conversations that they will have regularly with both patients and relatives. The 3-D simulated videos, created with guidance from a Cultural Intelligence Expert, empower health care professionals to build their confidence to communicate clearly, compassionately and with empathy in challenging circumstances.

As part of the learning process, health care professionals generate their own audio and will receive automatic real-time feedback that reviews not only their English proficiency but also their tone and delivery, which is so important. The software is developed using AI and data analytics from the Data Lab, Scotland’s innovation centre for data and AI.”

We look forward to keeping you posted on these important developments.