Videos for English language learners

Videos for English language learners

🔦 This month the spotlight is on the Global English Videos.

In a nutshell: Find a selection of engaging videos to enhance English language learning in the classroom. Check the Learning Materials section of the Digital Learning Hub for up to date videos from the award winning DLA. Each video is labelled by English level and includes a transcript and teachers pack to download and use in the classroom.

Looking for high quality resources online to support your English language teaching in the classroom? Want to spend more time teaching and less time searching online for appropriate content for different levels of learners? We’ve got it covered!

We know finding appropriate videos at the right level for your learners takes time. Time you would rather spend delivering face to face teaching in the classroom.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the award winning Digital Learning Associates (DLA) to incorporate their award-winning series of authentic video experiences into the Digital Learning Hub.

Read this quick guide to help you find and make the most of the ESOL videos in the classroom.

Why use videos in the ESOL classroom?

Incorporating videos in the classroom alongside other activities can make a lesson more engaging for learners. Videos introduce a variety of natural dialogues and different English accents that your learners might not be familiar with.

Videos that use authentic natural speech in a variety of contexts give learners excellent listening practice. Klik2learn chose the DLA because their videos are;

  • Authentic, video topics covering real life people and situations
  • Easy to use, each video is labelled by level (from A1 to B2)
  • Helpful, each video comes with a teachers resource pack to download
  • Subtitled, you can switch the captions on or off
  • Award winning, selected by English language teachers and recognised by the ELTons

What type of videos will I find in the Hub?

On the Hub you will find a selection of engaging videos including broadcasts, vloggers, and YouTube videos. Each video has been selected to provide effective and entertaining videos for learning. The video topics span real life topics from real people and include diverse content such as ‘Ben’s vlog about London’ to ‘Swimming with Whales’.

The videos are tailor made for English speakers of other languages (ESOL) learners. Each video is labelled so you can quickly find an appropriate video for your students at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

Is there a teachers’ pack to support the videos?

Every video on the Hub comes with a transcript and a teachers pack created by the DLA to support learning in the classroom. Tutors can download ‘teacher resources’ by simply clicking the download button.

What’s included in the teachers pack?

The teacher’s pack gives you lesson plan ideas. It includes a ‘before watching’ activity to introduce the theme of the video and increase engagement at the beginning of the class. A ‘while watching’ activity gives them something to focus on during the video. Finally, there are ‘after watching’ activities which give you different ideas of where to take your lesson based on the themes and grammar points introduced in the video. The teachers pack also includes project ideas for group work. The activities include a printout for learners and these are included in the teachers pack.

Where do I find the videos on the Hub?

Login to the Digital Learning Hub and check the content under the Learning Material header. If you don’t see Global English Videos check your account has been set up with the Global English Videos installed.

Gain student feedback on the videos

Students watching the videos via their accounts on the Digital Learning Hub can leave a star review after watching each video. When students watch the video and leave a review this is recorded both in their personal report and organisation report on the Digital Learning Hub.

How often are the videos updated?

The video content is updated quarterly so that students always have access to the most up to date content. Here is a list of the DLA videos available on the hub right now.

  1. Natalie’s vlog – Level A1
  2. A Different Kind Of Journey – Level A2
  3. Tabitha’s vlog – Level B1
  4. Farhana’s Rafikis: Meet and Greet in Mombasa – Level B1+
  5. Ben’s vlog – Level B2

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