Webinar on Digital ESOL Assessments

Klik2learn hosted another online webinar for both new and existing customers. The “Digital ESOL Assessments” webinar was open to ESOL practitioners who work in a range of community and college settings. The webinar included an overview of the ESOL learning management system, a walk-through of the online English Tests and an open question session at the end.

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The “Digital ESOL Assessments” webinar took place on Thursday 7th October 2021. With over 30 registered attendees from colleges, community and third sector organisations, the webinar focused on the advantages of online English Skills Tests for assessing students’ language level before assigning them to a specific class or course.

What are Klik2learn’s English Skills Tests?

Klik2learn has developed the online English Skills Tests to allow tutors to better understand their student’s English proficiency level and needs before placing them in appropriate ESOL provision.

Short English Skills Test (Online)

Students can sit the Short English Skills Tests at any time on the Digital Learning Hub. Students can sit the test in less than 30 minutes. Both students and tutors will see an instant result based on the CEFR level. The short auto marked English Skills Tests include a beginner, intermediate and advanced test. All three assess reading and listening skills.

Full English Skills Test (Online)

The Full English Skills Test assess all four English language skills; reading, listening, writing and speaking. Reading and Listening skills are auto marked and the writing and speaking sections are tutor marked. With the Full English Skills Tests, students spend no longer than one hour on the test. Tutors mark the writing and speaking sections of the test, can over-ride the auto marked elements and provide the overall level for each student.

Pre-Beginner Section of the Beginner Tests

Klik2learn has introduced a unique pre-beginner English test for those students who are not ready for A1 – the first level of the CEFR. This new test provides tutors with a more granular understanding of students capabilities at the pre-beginner level. See the diagram below for a snapshot of the tests available on Klik2learn’s Digital Learning Hub.

Diagram – Online English Tests

English Skills Test Breakdown

Customer Questions from the Webinar:

Can we access the English language tests as a standalone product?

Yes, we are completely flexible on what works for you on the Hub. Moderators and tutors simply select the appropriate online programme or test at a class group or individual student level when their accounts are created.

How many colleges or community providers are using the tests?

The tests on the Hub are new. However, customers have been using a multi-level test on the Journey 2 English programme for several years. Our full multi-level test previously on Journey 2 English is used for testing English proficiency in Asia. All test responses from students are recorded on the platform as evidence. This test has now been migrated to the Digital Learning Hub.

Can the test be delivered remotely, for example at a student’s home?

Yes, the test can be delivered remotely using a phone, tablet or computer. This is beneficial in terms of flexibility. In addition, tutors can mark from any location on any device. The tests, like any of our products on the Hub, can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

What is the price of the online English Skills Test?

You can purchase the English Skills Test as a separate product for a 6 month term. Pricing is based on volume. Please contact sam@klik2learn.com for a quote.

Watch the live recording of the webinar above or read more about the tests on our Knowledge Base.

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