Animations make English idioms easier to understand

Animations make English idioms easier to understand

We’ve made it to the final of the ELTons Awards 2020! To celebrate, English language teachers can access the Klik2learn online library of English idiom animations for free.

Watch the video below to see Ann, our CEO, giving a tip on how to introduce colloquial language to your English learners to build confidence.

Idioms are a fun topic. ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it’  is everyday language, not often found in textbooks. 

At Klik2learn we believe strongly in ‘visualising learning’. Watching an animation makes idioms easier to understand and remember.

They come with a warning though – explain the context and insist on accuracy. Getting idioms wrong can be embarrassing. Get them right and you’ll really boost your students’ confidence.

Klik2learn has made three short videos on idioms available below. 

Amazing animations to help teach English idioms

1. Making Mountains out of Molehills

Please share with your learners and tell us about your experience teaching English idioms with animations. 

Journey 2 Basic Skills, our new online course for beginners of the English language, is a finalist in the Digital Innovation category.

To learn more about the ELTons Awards and Journey 2 Basic Skills click here.