Case Study: City of Glasgow College

Case Study: City of Glasgow College

In March 2020, City of Glasgow College quickly adapted to the rapidly changing circumstances brought on by the global pandemic. It moved swiftly to online learning, supporting students in their studies through the college’s blended learning approach. Seeing the opportunities presented by digital education, particularly in relation to international studies, the college sought to enhance its online learning provision for its ESOL students.

What was the challenge?

The rapid switch to online ESOL provision with little or no time to develop high quality, structured digital courses.

What was the solution?

The Digital Learning Hub, an all-in-one ESOL solution providing;

  • Multi-level placement test
  • Journey 2 English (Intermediate)
  • Journey 2 Basic Skills (Beginner)
  • Progress reports & tracking
  • Digital tools for collaboration
  • 600+ students and tutor licences

We spoke to Cathy Glover, Head of Curriculum ESOL 1, to find out how Klik2learn’s Digital Learning Hub is being used to meet the college’s diverse ESOL learners.

What they said about Klik2learn

Watch a short extract from Cathy’s video below or watch the full testimonial on this page.

The Digital Learning Hub

The college chose Klik2learn’s Digital Learning Platform for English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). As an all-in-one solution it provides; online courses, assessments, collaboration tools and an exciting range of digital resources. Students can be fast tracked through carefully structured, bite sized learning activities.

The Digital Learning Hub connects tutors to their students enabling them to assign extra activities which can be recorded using the digital audio recorder and notebook. The college has now expanded its scope beyond lockdown and is working with Klik2learn to deliver interactive online and blended learning to other faculties and international customers.

Winning awards together

The college’s online learning collaboration with Klik2learn secured a CDN Award and a Judges Commendation at the British Council’s ELTons Awards in 2020. David Cullen, Associate Dean for ESOL and Languages at City of Glasgow College, said:

“The learning hub provides up to date resources for teachers and trainers that can support learning in an innovative and stimulating environment. It is an incredible opportunity to make ESOL learning more relevant and accessible to our many students, both at home and abroad.”

Download the full case study

To download the full City of Glasgow College case study click the image below.

Image of City of Glasgow Case Study Klik2learn Digital Learning Hub

Image of City of Glasgow Case Study Klik2learn – Digital Learning Hub