What people say about Klik2learn.

Please watch the testimonials to hear our tutors and their students describe the Digital Learning Hub learning experience.

Cathy Glover

Cathy is ESOL 1 Curriculum Head for City of Glasgow College, Scotland’s largest further education college.

“We were looking for a digital course that would enhance our learners experience. What we found with Klik2learn, was the perfect online course, that met all our requirements as we went into distance learning during the pandemic. What I particularly like is that students can work through the course at their own pace and use the digital tools such as the audio recorder and electronic notebook. This has allowed us to do two important things; track the participation of the students and see evidence based information that helps us with next level progression for the students.”

– Cathy, Head of ESOL Curriculum


Adedayo is a student originally from Nigeria.

“I have improved my English language skills in so many ways. I have become more confident and able to communicate and interact with people. Doing this course with Klik2learn helps you if you are busy or have a job. You can study in your spare time. Activities in a module take up to about an hour. It’s easy to follow as everything is explained clearly as you go along.”

–  Adedayo, Student of English


Ibrahim is originally from Syria.

“During my experience of Klik2learn I have enjoyed a large bank of activities for writing, speaking, listening and reading. I advise anyone who likes to combine fun and learning to try it. It’s a powerful way to learn English.”

–  Ibrahim, English Student


“Thank you very much for this opportunity to learn English through the most convenient and easy website. Although it was a short journey and I wish if it had lasted longer, I would be a native speaker by now. Journey to English has all equipment you need for those whose English is not their mother tongue. It is like a collection of books in one website. It contains Grammar, Vocabulary, a lot of listening which I enjoyed more, and writing as well. It also has games and phrasal verbs. You will never feel bored compared to books. To me it was like watching a good series in Netflix but I learn English. This journey has developed my English language to an excellent level of English and it has developed confidence in myself in speaking, with all help I got from my Glasgow Life adult learning tutors Susan and Deirdre. I wish if people who developed this web site, do the same and develop a similar website in advanced level.”

  • Mohammed, English Learner