CSR Project – Evaluating progress in Mumbai

CSR Project – Evaluating progress in Mumbai.

Klik2learn is facilitating a Digital English Language Learning programme for Sakhi for Girls Education – a community based after school programme based in the slums of Mumbai, India. This update will look at the success of this CSR project by evaluating the children’s progress so far, through the use of Klik2learn’s online digital reports.

Project Goals

The overall goal of this project was to ensure that the children did not feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and could continue their education despite school closures. Klik2learn therefore stepped in to provide low-cost electronic devices, all equipped with the Digital Learning Hub and the Journey 2 Basic Skills course to ensure these girls could continue their education digitally.

Through access to the Digital Learning Hub and Journey 2 Basic Skills course, the aim is that the girls can improve their literacy, numeracy and English language skills within a four month time frame from A0 pre-beginner to A2 basic user.

Progress Update

Digital Assessments

The girls at Sakhi for Girls education were asked to complete Klik2learn’s online English Skills Test for beginners. Our English Skills Tests were designed to assess each student’s English proficiency level allowing us to place them in the course which is most suitable for them. The girls were at pre-beginner level prior to starting the course and will be assessed again on completion of Journey to Basic Skills to evaluate their progress.

Digital Reports

Klik2learn’s Customer Success Executive Toni, is in constant contact with the team at Sakhi for Girls Education to send a weekly summary report containing information for each individual child. Klik2learn’s reports contain information about login times, time spent on the course and course progress (%). Since starting this project, the number of children completing the course increases steadily each week. The children have been really engaged with the course which is shown through the 98% adoption rate, with 33% of the children already completing A1.

Sakhi progress reports


Here is what founder of Sakhi for Girls Education, Aarti Naik had to say;

Aarti quote

Programme Completion

The girls will continue to progress through the Journey 2 Basic Skills course on the Digital Learning Hub and will sit the English Skills Test again on completion of the course to assess their progress.

We will be posting another blog once all 50 girls have completed the Journey 2 Basic Skills course so stay tuned to see their progress!

In the meantime, you can learn more about Sakhi for Girls Education and this Digital Language Learning Programme in our previous blog.