English language students from Sakhi for Girls Education

Watch Sakhi for Girls Education students speaking in English

Click on the video below to hear the students at Sakhi for Girls Education introduce themselves in English.

The students have completed Journey 2 Basic Skills, an online English course available on the Digital Learning Hub. The goal of the course is for students to develop speaking and listening skills as well as develop skills in reading, basic writing, understanding and forming words, numbers and simple sentences in English. The course covers topics such as personal identity, jobs, family, health, routines and transports.

We asked Aarti, the founder of Sakhi for Girls Education, to send us a video of the girls practicing their English speaking skills. They have progressed very well. It’s wonderful to hear them introduce themselves, describe their families and hopes for the future.

About the English language programme

Klik2learn supports Sakhi for Girls Education, a charity organisation in Mumbai supporting education and literacy for girls in Mumbai.

Klik2learn has provided internet enabled devices and access to the award winning digital English language course, Journey 2 Basic Skills. Watch Sakhi for Girls Education talk about Klik2learn’s English language course.

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