Pre-Beginner A0 English Skills Test Launched by Klik2learn

Pre-Beginner A0 English Skills Test Launched by Klik2learn


Klik2learn are excited to announce the launch of a new digital English Skills Test for pre-beginners. 

CEO, Ann Attridge said, “Our digital multi-level tests simplify diagnostic placements for ESOL students. With the new beginner test, tutors can access test items at three different levels: pre-beginner – for learners with little prior knowledge, plus  A1 and A2 on the CEFR scale.  Learners can progress to the highest level they are capable of. Not only does this provide a more granular understanding of each student’s English language skills, it saves time.” 

What is the A0 test?

Klik2learn has created a unique digital English test for pre-beginners who are not ready for A1 – the first level of the CEFR.

The new A0 test is based on the Pearson Global Scale of English and divides the pre-beginner group into three bands using over 100 test items.

Short English Skills Test

Why create the A0 test?

The CEFR level starts at A1. However, this new test can identify learners who are not yet ready for A1. A0 level students have a varied understanding of the English language, ranging from little or no prior knowledge to a smattering of English or some ‘tourist English.’

How do I use the test with my learners?

The new A0 test offers 100 test items which have been developed specifically for pre-beginner level students. The items test students on letters of the alphabet, using joined-up writing, cardinal and ordinal numbers to 100, plural forms and much more.

Once students have completed the A0 test, they will be given a score for listening and reading. The student will also receive a band from band 1 to band 3, which will highlight their overall English skills.

Test Levels


Where can I find the A0 test?

The A0 test can be found under the ‘assessments’ section on the Digital Learning Hub.

Students can access the A0 test via the ‘Short English Skills test’ or ‘Full English Skills Test’ as seen below:

English Skills Tests

The A0 test falls under the listening and reading sections of both tests and is auto-marked.

Check the Knowledge Base

More information on the A0 English Skills Test can be found in our Knowledge Base by clicking here.