Tracking the CSR education project with digital reports

Tracking the digital English programme in Gandhinagar

Klik2learn is working with NGO, Go Dharmic, to deliver a digital CSR education programme to children at Ratanpur Middle School, Gandhinagar. This progress update looks at how we measure student’s progress using the digital reports and what has been achieved at each stage of the programme so far.

The goal of the Digital Education programme is for the children to develop English language skills, including; reading, listening, speaking and writing using the digital English programme, Journey 2 Basic Skills. The programme is designed to put learners at the centre of their learning journey. It helps students grasp English phonemes, the alphabet, numbers, handwriting skills and digital skills – all on their mobile phones.

Measuring progress

Digital reports

The learning objective is to improve literacy, numeracy and English language skills of all pupils within a four month timeframe. The Digital Learning Hub records all test scores and student learning activity so that teachers, administrators and sponsors can see progress in real time. In addition, weekly reports are shared to show progress by course percentage complete and time spent on the course. To assist the teaching staff, a ‘leader board’ shows children are doing very well with the course and a ‘support board’ shows children who need additional support and attention to help them learn the concepts and progress.

Digital assessments

The Digital English Test was taken by each student prior to starting the course to provide a benchmark. The students will take another test to see English language levels achieved after they have finished the course.

GoDharmic English language training

Photo Credit: Go Dharmic

Project progress update

Stage 1: Partner and teacher training

After an initial ‘getting started’ phase to agree SMART objectives, measurement reports and adoption processes, the training phase started. Klik2learn trained Go Dharmic’s moderators at the beginning of the project so that they could provide local support and training to the teachers in Gandhinagar. Our local partner contact, Sakshi Thakkar was trained on using the Digital Learning Hub, including; how to set up a class, enroll students online, the beginner digital course for the students and how to access the digital reports to track student progress online.

Stage 2: Introducing the children to the course

The students were introduced to the course via a fun and friendly Gujarati-speaking monkey. The monkey tells the pupils how to log on, where to start their course, and how to use tools like the notebook and voice recorder to communicate with their teacher. You can see photos of the introduction day led by Go Dharmic here.

Stage 3: English Skills Test

The students were asked to take the online English Skills Test for beginners. The beginner test includes a unique pre-beginner element providing granular information from over 100 test items. The test provides a benchmark to assess pupils’ progress. All student scores are recorded and time stamped in the reporting section of the Digital Learning Hub so that teachers can see and understand their students’ level of English.

Go Dharmic Report

Stage 4: Tracking English language learning progress online

For our NGO partner, Go Dharmic, the ability to track progress online using digital reports was a key reason to work with Klik2learn.

Partners, head teachers and tutors can log into the Hub and see a class view of students’ progress by percentage complete, time spent and status. Furthermore,  they can click on a student’s name and drill down to see the students progress at a module and activity level. So far 21% of the students at Ratanpur School have completed the pre-beginner and A1 Elementary modules within the course.

Go Dharmic Reports

Stage 5: Maintaining motivation

During the introduction phase, the children met their monkey guide and were asked to come up with a name for the monkey. They were told that when 50% of the class achieved the mid way point we would announce the name of the monkey.

The feedback so far

Sakshi, a member of Go Dharmic’s local operations team, has been visiting Ratanpur Middle School regularly to speak to the students and their teachers about the project and to gather some feedback.

Jaspal Sinh, a tutor at Ratanpur Middle School, said

“Our students are very curious about this project. They really enjoyed playing games and learning English through that. They learnt many sentences and spellings. We thank Go Dharmic and Klik2learn and request them to continue this project in our school. Thank you.”

Ankita, a student at Ratanpur Middle School said

“Klik2learn is very easy to use. I received my password and there I was living in the app. I learnt spellings making. We played a lot of games and we enjoyed learning a lot like this.”

Programme Completion

The children will continue to progress through the Journey 2 Basic Skills course on the Digital Learning Hub and will sit the English Skills Test again on completion of the course.

The aim is that the English Skills Test results will show that the children have progressed their English language skills from the pre-beginner level that they had prior to starting this project to now an intermediate level understanding of the English language.

Another blog will be posted detailing the success of this Digital English language and literacy learning programme once all of the children have completed the course and received their English Skills Test results. So stay tuned!

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Photo Credits: Go Dharmic