Klik2learn launches the Digital Learning Hub

Klik2learn launches the Digital Learning Hub

The company’s new Digital Learning Hub includes online courses, assessments and learning management features enabling tutors to provide blended learning.

Glasgow based EdTech and e-learning startup Klik2learn has launched the Digital Learning Hub ahead of schedule to enable colleges, schools and councils to provide continuity of learning during any future lockdown.

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The Digital Learning Hub allows educational providers to give English as a Second Language (ESOL) students a high quality online learning experience. Designed to support tutors, the system comes with assessment, tracking, chat and reporting features to help managers and teachers keep an eye on what students are learning and how it is being achieved.

Ann Attridge, CEO said,

“We increased design and development efforts to launch the Hub for Autumn 2020. Blended learning is not only a matter of expediency, it’s a hugely useful tool for the inevitable catch-up process, as well as future learning opportunities.”

Who is it for?

Colleges, schools, councils struggling to provide continuity of learning for catch-up purposes and during ongoing disruption and closure. Teachers and tutors frazzled by zoom fatigue, and internet trawling to find good quality content for language learners. Managers and teachers keen to keep an eye on what students are actually doing online and what is being achieved.

Why use the Digital Learning Hub?

Simplicity. Klik2learn’s blended learning offering is different from other providers and platforms such as Moodle. Rather than navigating a cluttered interface the Digital Learning Hub has one login and users can find everything in one place including the accredited online courses and tutor / student collaboration tools.


Tracking and monitoring is crucial in a world where face-to-face teaching is reduced or non-existent. The Hub offers simple charts and graphs to enable users to access the data they need quickly and easily. Individuals can track their progress, tutors can monitor progress for their groups and managers can access platform data at an organisational level.

Responding to Covid-19

The Digital Learning Hub was in the early stages of development when the pandemic hit the headlines. In response to the lockdown, the company increased development resources to launch an early Beta version of the Hub for our community of tutors and teachers.

Ann Attridge, CEO said,

“Tutors want to feel confident about remote and blended learning. The Digital Learning Hub provides quality online content plus the collaboration tools to fully support an online teaching strategy.”

Avoiding Zoom fatigue

The Digital Learning Hub removes the need for teachers to hunt down a mish-mash of online videos, websites, and articles. It offers an easy way to find out how and when their learners engage with the resources. It allows them to teach online without subjecting learners to zoom fatigue. The powerful Learning Management System at the heart of the Hub, provides the progress tracking and data analytics crucial to online delivery.

What do you get in the Hub?

The core content on the Hub focuses on English language learning and offers two accredited courses – a ground breaking pre-beginners  course and an intermediate course totaling 200 hours of multi-media, highly interactive e learning.

Both of these products have been nominated by the British Council for Innovation. Supporting this, the Hub offers a multi-level diagnostic English Skills Test, as an auto-marked version for Reading and Listening or a full version for all four language skills.

Keeping learners engaged and motivated

Beyond the online courses, the Digital Learning Hub has a wide range of additional digital resources to keep learners engaged and motivated.

  1. Real world, graded videos with captions and follow on games
  2. A simple grammar guide
  3. Grammar games
  4. Animations for idioms and phrasal verbs

For teachers, there is:

  1. Live chat for individuals and groups
  2. Reporting dashboard
  3. Assignments tool
  4. Shared notebook

Product development roadmap

We’re delighted with feedback from our Beta community. We’re already responding to market requests by developing short vocational courses to enhance employability skills. Subscribers to the Digital Learning Hub can expect the following innovations in the next 12 months:

  • Real time analysis of speech to improve pronunciation skills
  • Real time analysis of speech to improve writing skills
  • 3D simulations of authentic scenarios to enhance employability and interview skills

For more information on the Digital Learning Hub contact us or request a quote for your organisation.