How do I add a tutor?

When you create a tutor account you can automatically send your tutors an email with their user account login details via the system. Tutors are then able to create groups (classes) and add student users to each class group. Tutors can create student accounts, assign to groups and automatically provide student users with access to their account via email.

  1. Click on Add/Edit Users in the left hand navigation menu.
  2. Scroll down past the charts to see all Users in a table.

  3. Click on Add.


4.View the user add/edit popup form.

5. Add new user details in the pop up form.

  • Add Account Type for tutors, moderators and students.
  • Select Courses for your tutors to assign to students
  • If you want to create groups for tutors you can select groups in the Organisation Group field.
  • Set a Password (to set a random password you can use a password generator such as this one).
  • Tick new password and email user
  • Click Save

Important: Tutors will only receive their access details if you tick the box and click ‘Save’.