What is Destination OET?

About the Course

Destination OET is a fully digital course provided by Klik2Learn. Klik2learn is the only organisation providing this type of flexible delivery for preparation of the Cambridge Occupational English Test (OET). This digital learning platform is a fully flexible and convenient option for people unable to access classes at fixed times; this could be due to employment or childcare commitments.

The course prepares health professionals for the Cambridge OET with five modules;

  1. Workplace Environment
  2. Scenarios
  3. Test Preparation
  4. Mock OET
  5. Interview

Workplace scenarios prepare healthcare workers for working and living in an English speaking environment and serve a dual function of preparing nurses for the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

About the OET Exam

Cambridge and Box Hill Institute Australia designed and developed The Occupational English Test (OET) specifically for healthcare professionals working in English speaking environments. Over the past four years OET has become more and more widely accepted and is now the test of choice for healthcare workers.

Most OET candidates take the exam for work or study reasons, including;

  • Registration with a professional healthcare board (in Australia, Ireland, Maldives, Malta, Namibia, Singapore, the UK, the Ukraine and the United States of America).
  • Applying for a course of study (in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Spain, the UK)
  • Finding work in an English-speaking environment plus some hospitals and trusts in the UK, Qatar and the UAE and with the help of recruitment agencies around the world.
  • Applying for a work visa (Australia, New Zealand, the UK).


Improve your skills through video stories and games based on real-life situations.

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