The Klik2learn English Skills Tests are designed to assess a student’s English proficiency, we have the short English Skills Test and the full English Skills Test.

The Short English Skills Test: Assesses reading and listening skills, this is auto-marked and students will receive an immediate diagnostic.

The Full English Skills Test: Assesses reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, this test is tutor marked.

English Skills Tests

There is a test for those at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for both the short and full English Skills Test.

Students will receive a score from A0 (band 1 – 3), A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

Beginner test: A0 (band 1-3), A1 or A2
Intermediate test: B1 or B2
Advanced test: C1 or C2

In the example below, a student has taken the intermediate level test and scored a B2.