How to take the short English Skills Test

Learn how to take the Short English Skills Test.

Download the PDF → How to take the Short English Skills Test (Pre-beginners)

1. The short English Skills Test will appear under the ‘Assessment’ section on the Dashboard, next to the full English Skills Test.

2. To sit the short English Skills Test, click ‘start’.

3. Tutors will assign the correct level to students (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

4. Click ‘start’ on the appropriate level to begin the test.

5. Test your audio by clicking on the speaker icon in the image below

6. Once you have tested your audio, you are ready to take the short English Skills Test. Start with the Reading section by clicking ‘Sit the test’.


7. Once you have completed the reading section, you will return back to the test page. Where you can continue with the listening section of the test.

Once the test is complete, you will receive an auto-marked score

Beginner: A0 (band 1,2 or 3), A1 or A2.
Intermediate: B1 or B2
Advanced: C1 or C2