Weekly Snapshot Report

What is the weekly snapshot report and where to find it

The snapshot report provides a weekly overview of student progress for Journey 2 English and Journey 2 Basic Skills, along with full progress reports that can be downloaded, latest user activity and results of tests taken.

  • The report can be viewed for the entire organisation, or it can be filtered by groups within the organisation.
  • Tutors and moderators will receive weekly emails on a Friday from noreply@klik2learn.com to communicate that the weekly report has been generated.

You can also find the snapshot report on the left hand sidebar on the Hub, as shown below:

The weekly snapshot report includes…

Journey 2 English and Journey 2 Basic Skills course overview:

  • This will graphically show students progress by week for both Journey 2 English and Journey 2 Basic Skills, enabling tutors and moderators to compare students’ progress against the week(s) before.

For either Journey 2 English & Journey 2 Basic Skills, the course overview will show those who have:

  • Not yet started.
  • Completed less than 50%, or more than 49%.
  • 100% completed.

Student progress for Journey 2 English and Journey 2 Basic Skills:

  • Tutors and moderators will also be able to view students’ progress (the % completion of a course) and learning time (the spent on the course so far) for both courses, side by side, as shown below:

  • This can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon highlighted above, the report will download as an excel file on your laptop/computer.

English skills Test results:

This will show a list of the students who have completed either the Short or Full English Skills Test.

User Activity:

Tutors and moderators will be able to view the latest student activity, detailing users who have most recently been added to the organisation.