How is the course structured?

Destination OET is divided into 5 modules:

Module 1 – Workplace Environment

  • You must complete 80% of the activities to proceed to module 2.

Module 2 – Scenarios

  • You must complete 80% of the activities to proceed to module 3.

Module 3 – Test Preparation

  • You must complete 100% of the activities within this module.
  • There are 12 scored activities for speaking, writing, listening, and reading to successfully prepare you for the mock exam.
  • When you successfully complete the first three modules, the mock exam will be automatically unlocked.
  • You will be able to book a live speaking test with a specialist OET tutor, or record your answer in the platform to get asynchronous feedback.

Module 4 – Mock Exam

  • We recommend you take the mock exam before booking your OET exam.
  • Although the results are just an indication of the results you will get, you should think of the mock test as an opportunity to complete the exam just as you will in real life.

Module 5 – The Interview

  • After your OET exam, when you tell us your test results, we will unlock this module.
  • You will experience a life-like interview simulation for a nursing job; you can record your answers and reflect on your performance.
  • The interview was developed with the help of NHS recruitment staff, who also gave us some ideal answers to help you in real life.